Photo courtesy: Iowa's News Now

Western Iowa officials respond to gas station explosion

In what could have been a terrible tragedy, two men survived an explosion inside a gas station and auto repair shop on Monday morning in Earling, Iowa.  Both men were in the shop when it was leveled by the explosion, and had to crawl out from under the debris.  One man received stitches for cuts and was released from a local hospital hours after the blast.  The second man was taken to a hospital in Omaha, and is expected to be released soon.

Accidents like these continue to happen as essential workers go to work every day to serve the public’s needs.  Thankfully, this one did not result in life-threatening injury.  But as hospitals are facing critical blood shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need now more than ever for BloodSTOP iX, to bring bleeding under control quickly in an emergency, saving lives, and helping to relieve the stress on blood bank resources.

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