Medical Surgical Masks for Covid-19 Virus Protection

A US High Tech Medical Device Company, Charity Urgent Sales!!!

Power to Control Coronavirus, Power to Heal! Save Blood, Save Lives!

LSP has access to a supply of surgical masks, a critical weapon to fight this virus.  We are making these available at our cost to those on the front lines! Please help us by contacting those in your area who may need them: clinics, hospitals, EMS, police, also essential workers with delivery services, pharmacies, grocery stores, and consumers, etc.  We encourage all our business partners to join us in the war against this COVID 19 virus!

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has challenged our health care system and caused an urgent shortage of PPE, medical equipment and blood supplies!  BloodSTOP IX Advanced Surgical Hemostatic Matrix can help reduce the stress on hospital resources by providing the best bleeding control solution, reducing blood loss, shortening operation time and promoting healing.

Additionally, because consumers are discouraged from making non-critical medical visits during the coronavirus pandemic, we are giving away a free bonus box of Walgreens Hemostatic Gauze (BloodSTOP Technology, $10.99 value) with a purchase of masks!  BloodSTOP helps consumers by giving them a way to treat wounds safely at home.

Or email or call +1 650 565-8172 for order.


ItemPrice / Box (50 Masks)
 Disposable Medical Surgical Masks
FDA/CE Certified; Medical Grade;
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)≥95%; Optimal Comfort; Non-Sterile

$25.99 Plus Shipping


Packaging Specification


Walgreens Hemostat Gauze

(BoodSTOP Wound Care); Controls Bleeding Fast

10 pcs (1 x 1 in) (2.5X2.5cm)

10 Pieces / Box

Free per Mask Order