BloodSTOP iX can save blood and save lives during COVID-19 crisis


Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood speaks at a news conference in September 2018.

Photo courtesy of The Fresno Bee



 As people are experiencing increased stress related to COVID-19, US gun violence has increased in multiple categories: drive-by shootings, murder-suicides, and multiple victim shootings such as the 6-person shooting at a house party in Bakersfield, CA, last week, according to Mark Bryant, Executive Director of nonprofit research group, Gun Violence Archive.


Immediate bleeding control is crucial because “the human body can lose a fatal 15% of its blood volume in minutes, causing deaths that could otherwise have been prevented,” Arkansas Department of Health trauma branch chief Greg Brown said, according to Arkansas Online. “Eight minutes is an eternity in blood loss,” he added. That is exactly how BloodSTOP iX can help the medical profession: with power to control bleeding, and power to heal.


BloodSTOP iX is the perfect solution for pre-hospital wound care. It can bring bleeding under control quickly in an emergency, saving lives, and helping to relieve the stress on blood bank resources.


At LifeScience PLUS, we are doing all we can to help people stay safe.  We provide masks to protect lives from the virus, and BloodSTOP to save lives from bleeding!  For more details, go to




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