LifeScience PLUS is pleased to be a supplier partner to the Zenni Optical PPE Relief Program, for the kits Zenni is donating to hospitals, medical professionals and first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic.  To date, Zenni has donated over 45,000 PPE kits containing over 3 million masks and other protective equipment.

Zenni co-founder, Julia Zhen, remarked that LSP’s surgical masks are the best quality of all they have been able to procure.  LSP is proud to participate with Zenni in their effort, and to do all we can to ensure that healthcare and essential services personnel have top quality equipment to protect themselves as they carry out their critically important work.

We are continuing to donate the labor and logistical support to provide surgical masks at no profit to LSP.  Visit our online store at and share this link with everyone you know!  Additionally, because consumers are discouraged from making non-critical medical visits during the coronavirus pandemic, we are giving away a free bonus box of Walgreens Hemostatic Gauze (BloodSTOP Technology, $10.99 value) with every mask purchase.  With BloodSTOP, consumers have a better way to treat bleeding wounds at home!

To hear more about the Zenni PPE Relief Program, check out this ABC interview with Zenni spokesperson, Sean Pate: