Source: Brigemi

Michigan hospitals are beginning to broaden the kinds of surgeries and medical procedures they will perform after nearly two months in which they focused mainly on COVID-19 patients.

Hospitals in Michigan are slowly returning to full services, according to Bridge Magazine: “Nearly two months after Michigan’s hospitals canceled non-emergency procedures to pivot to COVID-19 care, some providers have begun to reschedule a range of procedures that fit somewhere between ‘emergency’ cases — which were never halted during the pandemic  — and “elective” procedures, which are cosmetic or not particularly urgent and continue to remain off-limits under an emergency order issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in March… Called ‘time-sensitive,’ the resumed medical care runs the range from heart procedures to orthopedic fixes to biopsies to endoscopies and other diagnostic tests.”

BloodSTOP iX has much to offer the medical profession: with power to control bleeding, and power to heal.  BloodSTOP iX brings bleeding under control quickly in elective and routine surgeries, burns, trauma injuries, etc., saving lives, and relieving the strain on blood banks caused by the pandemic.

Reduced time in the operating room and in-patient hospital stay is an added benefit, both for the safety of patients and to keep hospital beds available.  Recent data from burn surgery shows BloodSTOP iX to be 8-10 times faster in bleeding control than standard treatment, with hospital stays about one third as long.  For more details, check out our burn surgery, trauma surgery, and hospital application pages.