Company Information

Next Generation Wound Care Products for the World

Who We Are

LifeScience PLUS is a leading, advanced wound care technology company committed to developing and marketing innovative total wound care solutions: hemostasis (bleeding control), sealant, moist dressing, contamination prevention, and fast tissue growth generation.  Our patented best-in-class flagship product BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat and WoundHEAL® is revolutionary technology for both acute and chronic wound care.

Applications for this technology are numerous.  Our primary focus is for medical professionals during surgical procedures, including burn and trauma surgeries, treatment of ulcer wounds, and emergency trauma care.

Envisioning Progress

LifeScience PLUS founding members recognized early on the need for wound care products that could address the disadvantages of traditional dressings and adhesive bandages. Convenient, cost-effective and proven for a range of applications, the Company’s flagship BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX products are FDA cleared for surface wound hemostasis.

BloodSTOP® is CE certified for surface use, and BloodSTOP® iX for surface and implant surgical use, wholly absorbable, for the control of bleeding during and after surgery, for the general population and for those on anticogulant medications in markets outside the U.S and Europe.  LifeScience PLUS has identified and is actively exploring future indications for the medical professional marketplace based on clinical data and feedback from the medical community.