BloodSTOP iX creates a buzz at ABA Conference!

LSP attended the 51stAnnual Meeting of the American Burn Association on April 2-5, 2019, with intent to showcase BloodSTOP iX Hemostasis Dressing in this burn specialty.  

Through our continued support to John Stroger Cook County Hospital and Health System (CCHHS) and Rush University Research Department, Chicago, IL,  two clinical abstracts were submittedfor Poster Rounds.  ABA Poster Rounds provides an opportunity to explore a topic in-depth with a small group of researchers led by experts in the field.  Each researcher in the topic area briefly presents their work for the group.

            Poster Round Objectives:

  1. Discuss the results of cutting-edge scientific clinical management, basic research, and other burn issues.
  2. Identify opportunities to improve care of the burn injured patient.

CCHHS and Rush University researchers in attendance were Dr. Stathis Poulakidas, Dr. Thomas Xu, and selected members of the Cook County Burn Team.  Two abstracts were submitted in the Wounds Category: 

Clinical II Poster 342, Minimizing Intra operative Hemorrhage in Wound Debridement using a Novel Topical Agent, Presenters – Dr. Thomas Xu and Dr. Stathis Poulakidas

Clinical IV Poster 504, A Novel Hemostatic Agent Improves Split-Thickness Skin Graft Donor Site Healing, Presenters – Dr. Thomas Xu and Dr. Stathis Poulakidas 

The abstracts contained early case studies that demonstrated the ability of BloodSTOP iX to rapidly stop post-debridement bleeding, and to accelerate donor site healing.  This new information generated a lot of interest and follow-up questions from burn surgeons, nurses, practitioners, and reasearchers.Clinical IV Poster 504 was awarded Best in Categoryfor Wounds for exceptional results using BloodSTOP iX Hemostasis Dressing for bleeding control and promotion of tissue healing. 

Dr. Stathis Poulakidas, MD, FACS, Chief Director Burn Surgery (Left), Dr. Thomas Xu, MD
(Middle), and Lason Magallones (Right)