Preclinical Data – Outside US

Efficacy of BloodSTOP® iX, Surgicel, and Gelform in Rat Models of Active Bleeding From Partial Nephrectomy and Aortic Needle Injury

Key Conslusion

BloodSTOP® iX is safe and efficient in achieveling renal parenchymal hemostasis without hilar or parenchymal clamping in partial nephrectomy rat model. The mean bleeding time was dramatically decreased compared with the use of Surgicel. Similarly, in an aortic injury model, BloodSTOP® iX achieved hemostasis faster than either Gelfoam or Surgicel. Improvement in the handling of the product to prevent adherence to any moist surface could place this oxidized material as the top choice of topical hemostatic matrix for nephron-sparing surgery.

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