BloodSTOP®iX Advanced Hemostat Trauma Matrix for Trauma Care

  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Care

  • Trauma & Burn Surgery

  • EMS, Paramedics

  • Designed for Military Tactical Combat Casualty Care

BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix 3″x24″ Z-Folded 8 Layers

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces blood loss, potentially life-saving, as animal study demonstrated severe extremity arterial hemorrhage control within 2 min of application
  • Upon contact with blood, turns into a sticky gel to seal and protect the wound
  • Prevents contamination
  • Stays on wound with stable hemostasis; allows safe transport of traumatic injury bleeders
  • Promotes healing. Leaves no residue in the wound
  • pH balanced, 100% natural plant-base matrix, biocompatible, non-irritating application
  • Water soluble allows easy removal
  • Light-weight waterproof packaging, easy to carry anywhere
  • Long shelf-life in extreme environments
  • Very cost effective

About BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix

BloodSTOP®iX Trauma Matrix is an innovative hemostatic matrix made from water soluble, etherified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. It is 100% natural with no animal-derived, foreign human or added chemical materials.

It is designed for life-saving bleeding control in military tactical combat casualty care, pre-hospital trauma care, trauma and burn surgery. It is for bleeding control in combat, natural disasters, fires, shootings and other emergencies, which often occur a distance from hospitals. With BloodSTOP® iX, emergency personnel have a fast and effective way to halt bleeding, allowing safe & long transport of traumatic injury bleeders.

BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix applied

♦ 100% Survival Rate on Extremity Femoral Arterial Hemorrhage Validated by U.S. Military Standard Trauma Injury Protocol Study, Swine Femoral Artery Injury
– Guiting Lin,Int.J.Mol Sci 2016,17(4),545

♦ Validated Most Effective with Magnitude Cost & Time Savings by World Class Surgeons from UCSF and in Burn and Trauma Surgeries


Case Study

U.S. Military Standard Trauma Injury Protocol Study, Swine Femoral Artery Injury

-Guiting Lin,Int.J.Mol  Sci 2016,17(4),545

6mm porcine femoral artery puncture leads to45 seconds of rapid free bleed

With BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix, complete hemostasis in 2 minutes

Pre-Clinical Study on BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix

A pre-clinical study examined BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix’s effectiveness in stopping arterial hemorrhage using a standard military and FDA approved battlefield extremity wound model. Results of the swine study showed that BloodSTOP® iX achieved a 100% survival rate, compared to a 80% survival rate with the current product used by the US Military.


“A SWAT officer struck in the face with a piece of bullet fragment from a ricochet on the steel…I applied BloodSTOP® iX and was truly surprised to find that the BloodSTOP® iX absolutely did wonders for stopping the bleeding in a matter of just 20 to 30 seconds…When the ER staff took everything off, there was no bleeding and the scaring was very minimal.  The whole staff at the ER was amazed. I am very happy with the performance of BloodSTOP® iX, and it will be my continued go-to hemostatic agent of choice in my trauma bag.”
Officer M. Ocepek

SWAT Paramedic, Nassau County Special Response Team, Florida

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