Wound Care Applications

Medical/Surgical – ER

Emergency Room medical personnel face unexpected challenges every day. Medical products that are reliable and highly practical in their application are vital to the success of the ER operation.

LifeScience PLUS developed BloodSTOP® iX with Emergency Room operations in mind. All BloodSTOP® hemostatic products are fast-acting and require less hands-on time to administer. When time-to-hemostasis can be significantly reduced, ER personnel are freed up to monitor other vital signs and stabilize critical patients in the shortest possible time.


Dentists and oral surgeons perform a variety of procedures that frequently require the need for a topical hemostatic agent.  Some of the applications for BloodSTOP® iX include tooth extraction, tissue biopsy, placement of dental implants and periodontal surgery.


Our life-saving technology is being used on the battlefield to treat hemorrhaging wounds, which remain a leading cause of death on the battlefield. Pre-Clinical Trial Shows BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix Has 100% Survival Rate in Military Standard Test of Severe Arterial Bleeding.

We are committed to helping military personnel all over the world.


Our technology has been integrated into topical wound dressing and is available at leading pharmacies across the United States.  In addition, look for BloodStop® products as part of any first aid kit for you and your family.


BloodSTOP® hemostatic products are safe and effective for wound care for all the large and small animals that a veterinarian is likely to encounter. BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX can  be used to stop bleeding in cases of minor lacerations or more significant wound trauma.

BloodSTOP® hemostats can be administered for household pets, and by farmers and ranchers to treat cuts, lacerations, and wounds on livestock and horses for both operations and wound care.