We are excited to announce that LifeScience PLUS will support our valuable MENA Gulf Countries partner Al-Hikma FZCO (Platinum sponsor) to participate in the 2nd Annual Gulf Wound Management Association Conference in Dubai during January 23-24, 2020! BloodSTOP® iX products will be showcased at this event for all attending surgeons and medical practitioners.

Vice President & Scientific Chairman of Gulf Wound Management Association, Dr. Safwat El Hoseny, uses BloodSTOP® iX on a daily basis and has achieved excellent results. He also plays many important roles in Gulf Countries wound care industry, such as: Head of Wound Management Committee in Alqasimi & Alkuwat Hospitals in Sharjah – UAE, and Leader of Remote Wound Care in All MOH in UAE, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Hoseny said “I am excited about using BloodSTOP iX in the operating room. After major plastic and cosmetic surgeries, the healing time is much shorter and patients can now go home the same day. Also, there are less scars and dyspigmentation while healing. Less stay in the hospital and less use of pain killers means great cost savings. These are all big points!”

Dr. Hoseny has invited Dr. Stathis Poulakidas, MD, FACS (Division Chief of Burn Surgery at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, and Head of Burn and Trauma Surgery at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center Rockford, Winner of Best in Category at 2019 ABA Annual Meeting) to give a speech at the conference. Dr. Poulakidas is a well-reputed burn and trauma surgeon in the United States and has received numerous awards including IDPH Excellence in Pediatric Care, Patients’ Choice Award, and Compassionate Doctor Recognition. He will be presenting burn and trauma wound care management and the successful outcomes using BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat and WoundHeal®.

BloodSTOP® iX is a leading new generation of wound care products with total solution for surgical procedures and other medical treatments, including burn and trauma surgeries, treatment of ulcer wounds, and emergency trauma care. This advanced innovative technology provides power to control bleeding and power to heal.

This conference will be a great opportunity to reach out to your local representatives and global wound care experts. We hope to see you in January!