BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX are biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrices of fibers made from natural plant compounds. They adhere to a wound, initiate blood coagulation, stop bleeding, and form a protective layer to create an optimal environment for wound healing. Their water solubility allows for removal by rinsing, without disruption of a clotted surface.


These products are covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,262,181.


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BloodSTOP now approved in EU for use with blood thinning medications!

BloodSTOP® Hemostats Recertified in Europe for Topical Hemostasis with Anti-Coagulant Medication 

LifeSciencePLUS, Inc., is pleased to announce the recertification of its Class IIb CE Mark Certification for the BloodSTOP® line of topical hemostats.  The recertification has been extended to include bleeding control for people on anti-coagulant medications.

"We get feedback all the time from people on blood thinning medication about how well BloodSTOP works, so we conducted a controlled animal study with warfarin, heparin and Plavix/aspirin to demonstrate efficacy," said Vicky Feng, President and CEO.  "the scientific data backs up the customer experience, and our CE Mark Certification validates this for the European market."

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