BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX are biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrices of fibers made from natural plant compounds. They adhere to a wound, initiate blood coagulation, stop bleeding, and form a protective layer to create an optimal environment for wound healing. Their water solubility allows for removal by rinsing, without disruption of a clotted surface.


These products are covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,262,181.


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LifeSciencePLUS Obtains CE Mark Certification for the BloodSTOP® Product Line

LifeSciencePLUS, Inc., is pleased to announce that BloodSTOP® has been granted the Class IIb CE Mark certification for the control of bleeding from all surface wounds.  “We are pleased to be able to extend our markets for this breakthrough product beyond the US and into the European markets,” said Vicky Feng, President and CEO.
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