BloodSTOP® iX Hemostatic Advanced WoundHeal® Matrix for Burn Surgery

Immediate Hemostasis with BloodSTOP® iX

Re-healing of donor site at 7 days from 2nd operation

“We used BloodSTOP® iX on patients’ donor sites and we’re seeing 7 days healing and have used this same site for reharvesting.”

– Dr. Poulakidas, MD, FACS

Director of the Burn Unit at Cook County Health and Hospital System

BloodSTOP® iX is a next generation advanced hemostatic and wound healing matrix made from water soluble, etherified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. It is used by medical professionals and hospitals. It is a fully biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrix of natural cellulose. It absorbs blood and exudates, transforms into a gel and adheres to any wound and, upon contact with blood, initiates blood coagulation, stops bleeding fast, and forms a protective layer that creates an autologous moist wound healing environment.

It has European Union CE Certification for internal and surface use, including with anticoagulant medications. BloodSTOP® iX currently has US Market Clearance for surface wound hemostasis.

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates more aggressive operation due to control of hemorrhage
  • Absorbs blood and exudates, turns into a translucent gel, easy to seal and monitor the wound
  • Keeps moist field and does not interfere with graft uptake
  • Maintains skin integrity throughout the burn recovery phase
  • Improves healing rates
  • Conforms to any wound. Completely biocompatible, non-irritating
  • Can be used with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Minimizes ligation and cauterization
  • Decreases blood loss and operative time
  • Very cost effective


  • Post harvesting from autograft (permanent) donor site
  • Post debridement of necrotic tissue site to control hemorrhage bleeding
  • Application on permanent skin graft or allograft site
  • Flap (reconstructive plastic skin repair) surgery
  • Escharotomy
  • Split-thickness skin grafting

A Novel Approach to Maintain Hemostasis and Achieve Improved Wound Healing

BloodSTOP® iX was placed over the entire wound followed by a layer of non-adherent dressing and then the left forearm was placed into a wound VAC. Upon takedown of the entire dressing on postoperative day five, it was noted that the patient’s wounds were completely epithelialized and his wound care was transitioned to lotion.

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