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BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX are biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrices of fibers made from natural plant compounds. They adhere to a wound, initiate blood coagulation, stop bleeding, and form a protective membrane layer to create an optimal environment for wound healing. Their water solubility allows for removal by rinsing, without disruption of a clotted surface.

These products are covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,262,181.


"I had a patient born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) who presented to me with a leg wound that just wouldn't heal with standard treatments...We applied the BloodSTOP iX in the office and within a week 90% of the wound was HEALED!!!! And the bleeding was gone...This was 3 months ago and the wound has remained closed. I feel that the product not only stopped the bleeding but the gelling nature of the ORC promoted a moist wound environment which may have helped promote the healing of this difficult wound." - Dr. Paul Glat echoes 'Product Technology Overview: BloodSTOP iX Hemostat' published on Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine's blog. Click here to learn more about what medical professionals have to say about BloodSTOP®.

Next Generation Wound Care Products for the World


Who we are

LifeScience PLUS is a medical device company committed to developing and marketing innovative next-generation wound care technology. Through our line of BloodSTOP® wound care products, we have created a unique and revolutionary hemostatic matrix. BloodSTOP® is a plant-derived, hydrophilic material that, when properly applied, will actively aid blood coagulation and create a physical barrier and an environment for improved wound healing.

The BloodSTOP® product family is at the forefront of a new generation of wound care products for medical and dental industries that are not only more practical to administer but also more effective and palliative for the patient.

Envisioning Progress

LifeScience PLUS founding members recognized early on the need for wound care products that could address the disadvantages of traditional dressings and adhesive bandages. Convenient, cost-effective and proven for a range of applications, the Company’s flagship BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX products are FDA cleared for external usage.  BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX are CE certified for external use, and BloodSTOP® iX for internal surgical use in Europe and other OUS markets.  LifeScience PLUS has identified and is actively exploring future indications for the medical professional marketplace based on clinical data and feedback from the medical community.

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